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As a business owner, you are likely to have insurance in place to protect company assets such as machinery and buildings, as well as insuring against business liability.

However, in many cases, the most valuable business resource – people – are unprotected.  Machinery and buildings are easy to replace, but the consequences of losing a key employee through death or serious illness can  be catastrophic for a small business.

Swift Financial Management offer solutions to help plan for the future and protect the business and their owners.

A Range of Options

Key Person Insurance
Loan Protection
Shareholder Protection
Relevant Life Cover
Income Protection
Private Medical

Complete Cover

Our holistic approach to protecting your business can help you to:

  • Protect your key employees
  • Ensure debts are repaid in the event of death or serious illness
  • Ensure your shares continue to be held by the right people
  • Improve employee retention with  comprehensive benefits
  • Provide tax efficient cover at an affordable level
  • Succession planning for your business when you are gone

Strategy development

99% of UK Businesses are small, with fewer than 49 employees, but only 22% of these companies have some form of business protection in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Protection comes in several forms for different needs but is designed to provide financial support to your business when circumstances change

67% of small business owners say that the company could not continue without them, so making sure your business can continue in the event of death or serious illness of key people is the most important step in securing the long term future of your business

The cost of Business Protection will vary depending on the people covered, the size of the business, the type of cover held and the cover amount required.  However, all types of cover are more affordable than ever, and can even provide tax benefits for your company.

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