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Retirement Planningaim high to achieve your goals

Saving for retirement can seem a little daunting.  There are a range of options and knowing what will be right for you isn’t always straightforward. Automatic Enrollment means that most people now have access to some sort of private pension, but this may not always be the most appropriate option, and if you are self employed then saving for retirement will still be entirely up to you.

Swift Financial Management will help you to plan for the retirement you deserve, whether that means setting up a new pension or checking the ones you already have are right for you, we can ensure that your retirement goals are achieved.

We have a comprehensive range of advisory services designed with the longer term in mind . We can make the most of the tax allowances available to you as an investor to ensure you benefit from the growth you achieve.

Swift Financial Management – we help companies and individuals to build a comprehensive financial map for the future.

Average Pension Pot at Age 65 V Pot Needed for Comfortable Retirement

Very few people are saving enough to have a comfortable retirement

Working for You

Pensions are now more flexible than ever and the right one can offer a range of benefits:

  • Tax Relief – get 20% or 40% tax relief on every pension contribution.
  • Flexible Benefits – Choose how and when you take your pension benefits (after age 57) and change your income at any time
  • Tax-Free Cash – take 25% of your pension pot as a tax-free lump sum
  • Inheritance Tax Free – leave any unused pensions to your loved ones free from Inheritance Tax.

Frequently Asked Questions

20% tax relief is automatically added to your pension contributions, so £100 will become £120. Higher rate tax payers can reclaim an additional 20% via self assessment.

Individuals can receive tax relief on contributions up to £40,000 a year into a pension, or up to 100% of your earnings if lower than £40,000.  Even if you have no earnings or are saving for children, you can still contribute up to £3,600 in each tax year.

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